The Amazon Buy Box Wins 90% of Product Page Conversions; Here’s How to Get Your Product in That Box

Amazon Shopping

At first, selling on Amazon seems like a great idea. After all, with its massive customer base of 100 million, product discoverability is sure to be worth the time investment, right?

Here’s the thing: launching on Amazon without a proper strategy or understanding exactly how you will generate ROI from the platform is a mistake. Perhaps even one as costly as going into the actual Amazon prepped with only a compass and a water bottle.

One of the major ROI generators for sellers on Amazon is winning the buy box. Now, this only applies to your brand if you are selling items which can already be found on Amazon. In other words, if you are selling unique goods through Amazon, this article isn’t as relevant for you.

For everyone else, know that many brands use Amazon to bolster product discoverability and subsequently brand awareness, especially for products with a high margin or on which a brand can take a bit of a loss. These are often third-party items, or goods already being sold elsewhere online.

You don’t want to put an item on Amazon that already has tons of other brands selling it, but you may want to try it out if there are only two to three brands having a go. And, if that is the case, in order to make Amazon work for you, you’ll need to win that Buy Box…. Click Here To Read Full Article


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