7 Steps to Building Brand Trust and Customer Engagement Through Your Homepage Design

Homepage Design

When you sell exclusively online, making sure every customer has an exceptional shopping experience isn’t as simple as hiring a friendly retail staff or greeter to welcome them as they come in the door. You also can’t rely on plush furniture, good lighting, scented candles or fancy hors d’oeuvres to design a shopping experience that keeps customers in the store and engaged. Most importantly, when your online store is open for business 24/7, you can’t always be there to make sure everything is operating perfectly.

Simply put, online retailers don’t have the same opportunity to build rapport and brand trust with customers as their brick-and-mortar counterparts do. This can be a big disadvantage if you don’t use the tools at your disposal to overcome these limitations.

Building Brand Trust Online

For online retailers, the two biggest tools to attract and convert shoppers are your brand and your store’s user experience.

Your brand is who you are, what you’re about and why you’re here. Your brand tells your customer how you can fulfill their need. In short, it’s how you connect with your audience. And, connecting with your audience is how you build trust and inspire customer confidence in you. And brand trust, ultimately, is what turns a browser into a buyer.

The second way to connect with your audience is to build a site they like to use. Your online store needs to guide the shopper. It should have clear paths to every destination. There should be no ambiguities about the next step in the buying process. Design elements should work together to make your customers’ lives as easy as possible so that they can concentrate on buying your products…. Read Here To Read Full Article


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